2021 Top Gun Special Award Winners

2021 Top Gun Special Award Winners

Listed here are the winners of the particular awards from this yr’s High Gun Scale Invitational.

Pictures by David Hart

Class           Sponsor     Modeler     Plane

Better of Class

Civilian (Pilot Selection)   Riff Raff      Larry Foyt  High Cun

Civilian Runner Up       JR Propo    Jack Buckley       Fairchild 24R

Navy (Pilot Selection) Blackbird Finishes        BITW T-34 Mentor

Navy Runner Up      Ray & Robin Passion     Tim Dickey T-34

WW II         Sierra Big Scale         Michael Fetyko   P-40 Warhawk

Biplane       Mannequin Airplane Information  Chad Cotsomire  Stearman PT-17

Golden Age         Kolm Engines      Wealthy Feroldi         David D-1K

WW I          Balsa USA  Steve Thomas     Nieuport

Pre-WW I   Warbirds over the Rockies    Craig Bradshaw   Jungmeister

Greatest Jet      Elite Aerosports  Brett Becker        Lockheed U-2C

Professional-Am Professional         Your Pal Sal         Matt Balazs         F-100

Professional-Am Sport      PowerBox Americas     Tim Lowrie          Acro Sport IIS

Multi Efficiency      Desert Plane    Mike Barbee       Beech KingAir

Engineering Efficiency     Home of Balsa & Robart       Rod Snyder L-59

Excellent Craftsmanship  BVM Tim Dickey PT-23

Limitless Exhibiting      FTE & Zap Glue   Joe Castelao        T-34 Mentor

High Buns    Fly Women      Mr. High Gun Brett Becker

Particular Recognition Electron Retracts USA Michael Fetyko TBF Avenger

Particular Recognition EZ Balancer    Henry Castellanos        MiG 29

Particular Recognition Ray & Robin Passion          Cody Hague        Oscar

Everyone Loves You   John & Sydni Smith     Becky Jackman

Critic’s Selection     FTE/Zap Glue      Joe Castelao        T-34 Mentor

Critic’s Selection Runner Up     Jet Central Brian O’Meara    F-86 Sabre Jet

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