New RDRP B6.3 -5mm LCG Wing Mount

New RDRP B6.3 -5mm LCG Wing Mount

Press Launch From RDRP:

Racers have all the time appeared to decrease their automobiles’ centre of gravity, modify the aero bundle to every monitor and play secure in relation to sturdiness. Decreasing the rear wing has been a preferred possibility on many buggies, however in some instances required chopping down the equipment elements and risking failure after inevitable crashes and tumbles in at this time’s aggressive atmosphere. RDRP’s LCG wing mount set allows racers to decrease the rear wing of Workforce Related’s B6 sequence of buggies by 5mm whereas guaranteeing their peace of thoughts. Machined from top quality polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic, the wing mounts supply higher efficiency, sturdiness and appears than grainy 3D printed elements. The set features a light-weight carbon fibre brace that hyperlinks the person mounts to extend the lifetime of your uncovered rear wing. Our checks have confirmed the massive potential of the LCG wing mount set. Give it a attempt!


– Decrease centre of gravity, rear downforce and drag

– Extra sturdy than improvised cut-down or 3D-printed elements


– Machined from high-grade polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic

– Carbon-fibre wing mount brace

– Appropriate with the Workforce Related B6.x sequence

– Excellent possibility along with the plastic equipment wing mounts

RDRP0545 Revolution Design B6.3 | B6.2 -5mm LCG Wing Mount Set

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