Product Spotlight: Paddle Tires

Product Spotlight: Paddle Tires

See The way to Maximize Traction for Your Traxxas Truck

Even the gnarliest knobbies and chunkiest treads have bother making traction in free sand or delicate snow. These difficult circumstances name for a specialised tire, one which’s been a staple for full-scale dune buggies, sand rails, and snow machines for many years: the paddle. Traxxas makes it straightforward to place high-performance paddle tires in your 2WD and 4X4 vans with eight choices that arrive absolutely mounted and prepared for motion. Right here’s the whole lot you want to learn about placing paddles to work in your journey.
Paddle Tires

Traxxas Paddle Tires in Motion
In case you’ve by no means seen paddle tires do their factor, get able to see some cool and loopy stuff. The way in which the treads sling sand, throw snow and even roll throughout standing water (professionals solely, don’t do that at dwelling) is really wild. View the playlist beneath to see all of the wild motion.

TSM rated
TSM Rated
All mounted Traxxas paddle tires are TSM rated, which suggests they’re mounted utilizing Ultra Premium Tire Glue so that they’ll keep firmly hooked up to the edges on high-power fashions geared up with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)®. Why does TSM make a distinction, you ask? The digital stability system makes it straightforward to roost and slide with out spinning out, which leads to two issues: much more enjoyable for you, and much more high-speed spinning for the tires. That spinning creates a robust centrifugal pressure that pulls onerous on the tires, however no worries—Extremely Premium Tire Glue was developed to carry the tires on the XO-1 at 100+ mph, and received’t let go. Drive onerous!
Ultra Premium Tire glueTSM-rated tires are mounted utilizing Extremely Premium Tire Glue, initially developed for the 100+mph XO-1.
Paddle tire construction
The thickly-molded paddles and agency rubber compound assist the tires slap via sand and snow because the extensive carcass spreads the automobiles weight to remain on high of the terrain.

Paddle Tire Match Information
Traxxas gives eight half numbers for mounted paddle tires to cowl the 2WD and 4X4 Stampede, Rustler, and Slash, plus the Hoss 4X4, X-Maxx, Revo, E-Revo, T-Maxx, and Limitless Desert Racer. All of the tires are offered in pairs and absolutely glued, prepared to put in.

Tire fitment chart

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