Team Associated RC10T6.1 FT Titanium Front Axles

Team Associated RC10T6.1 FT Titanium Front Axles

Workforce Related RC10T6.1 FT Titanium Entrance Axles

Simply introduced by the crew at Workforce Related are extremely trick Titanium Entrance Axles for his or her RC10T6.1 stadium truck. The titanium axles are extraordinarily light-weight, but have critical sturdiness. Try these highlights-

* Matches- RC10T6.1, RC10T6.2, RC10SC6.1, RC10SC6.2
* Weight- 3.2 grams per axle
* Saves a complete of 4.8 grams over inventory axles
* Trick Manufacturing facility Workforce look

The Team Associated Factory Team Titanium Front Axles are avenue priced at $29 and have an element variety of #71112.

Mash on This Link to learn extra Workforce Related information on BigSquidRC.

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