Freestyle RC Rapid X 2.0 Scale Monster Truck Race Chassis

Freestyle RC Rapid X 2.0 Scale Monster Truck Race Chassis

Freestyle RC Speedy X 2.0 Scale Monster Truck Race Chassis

Delivery later this month from Freestyle RC is the extremely trick Speedy X 2.0 scale monster truck race chassis. The crew at Freestyle have been engaged on this beast for over 2 years, try all of the highlights below-

* Designed to be the bottom, lightest, & quickest scale MT chassis in the marketplace
* Transmission is structural a part of chassis w/ 4-link bars bolting to it
* Separate pocket contained in the transmission to cover wiring
* Energy swap mount is built-in into the facet of the transmission
* Weighs in at a loopy low 4.25 lbs
* Each element is mounted as little as attainable
* Heart of gravity is decrease than the centerline of the wheels
* May even be pushed the wrong way up!
* Billet aluminum chassis/transmission
* Carbon fiber shock towers, sway-bars, and ESC plate
* Aluminum skid-plate
* New lowered axle 4-link mounts
* Lexan sway-bars with completely different settings
* Requires 2S LCG shorty fashion LiPo battery
* Makes use of 95mm buggy shocks
* Facet physique posts included

The Freestyle RC Rapid X 2.0 is avenue priced at $1,115 and you’ll click on This Link to learn extra Freestyle information on Huge Squid.

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