Drag Slash Tuning Pt 3: Differential Setup

Drag Slash Tuning Pt 3: Differential Setup

Half 3: Tuning the Sealed Differential

The Drag Slash’s new Professional Collection Magnum 272R transmission incorporates a sealed, silicone-filled differential for long-lasting efficiency and enhanced tuning functionality. The manufacturing unit differential setup is the results of in depth testing and can be splendid for almost all of competitors eventualities, however altering the diff’s motion through fluid viscosity could aid you obtain an much more refined setup in your monitor or the kind of driving you like to take pleasure in together with your Drag Slash. In Half 3 of our tuning information, we’ll cowl eradicating and refilling the differential, and what to contemplate when deciding on your diff fluid.

From the manufacturing unit, the Drag Slash’s differential is stuffed with very thick 500K differential fluid to optimize efficiency for drag racing. Chances are you’ll want to experiment with lower-viscosity fluid for bumpy tracks, or for higher highway dealing with in the event you’re having fun with your Drag Slash as an all-around road automobile. The Professional Collection transmission is designed for straightforward differential entry without having to separate the gearbox halves, so experimenting with diff fluid viscosity doesn’t require a prolonged bench session. Simply comply with these steps:

Unplug the Motor
1. Take away the wire hold-down and disconnect the motor wires.

Remove shock tower screws
2. Take away the 2 screws from the entrance of the shock tower. The screws behind the tower can stay in place, we’re going to take away the complete rear suspension as a module.

Remove transmission screws
3. Flip the chassis over and take away the six screws that safe the transmission. The complete rear suspension and transmission can now be faraway from the chassis.

Remove the driveshafts
4. Take away the male driveshaft halves by taking out the screw pins and sliding the common joints off the differential outputs.
Remove the differential cover
5. Flip the transmission over and take away the 4 screws that safe the differential cowl.
Remove the differential
6. Push up on the differential outputs to lift the differential and canopy out of the transmission. Take away the bearings from the diff so that they don’t fall off and roll underneath your bench. Wipe any grease off the diff to maintain your palms cleaner within the steps forward.
Open the differential
7. Take away these 4 screws to open the differential. Chances are you’ll must wiggle the duvet a bit to free it, it’s a exact match and the cheesy diff fluid inside additionally has some holding energy.
Clean out the differential
8. Elevate the blue silicone gasket off of the housing, take away the spider-gear meeting, and wipe the diff fluid off the gears. For simpler cleansing, you may as well push the output gears out of the housing halves. Any fluid left on the gears will dilute and blend with the brand new silicone fluid you add, however in the event you’d wish to have fully clear gears earlier than refilling the differential, you’ll be able to scrub them with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush.
Diff Oils
Differential Oil
The Drag Slash’s inventory silicone diff fluid is 500K weight (#5039). The #5136X diff oil set consists of 10K, 30K, and 40K weight fluid, and #5130X 100K fluid is accessible individually. The decrease viscosity numbers imply these fluids are much less viscous (“thinner”) than the Drag Slash’s inventory 500K fluid, and can enable freer diff motion. For even heavier diff motion than inventory, the diff might be stuffed with the putty-like 1-million weight fluid utilized by the Limitless Desert Racer. In the event you’re racing on an ultra-high-traction monitor, the super-thick stuff could be price a attempt.
Fill the differential
9. Fill the differential together with your alternative of fluid. Even “skinny” diff fluids are fairly thick, so give the fluid time to movement and disperse by means of the differential housing. A rubber band and a pair of pliers makes a helpful third hand to carry the diff upright and maintain the housing from sliding down the output gear’s shaft as you’re employed.
Fill height
10. When the diff fluid submerges the spider gears’ cross pins, the diff is full and you’ll shut it again up. Make certain the holes within the rubber gasket and case halves are exactly aligned earlier than putting in the screws. The screws solely have to be comfortable. Over-tightening will make diff motion notchy and should strip the screw holes, so don’t overdo it.

Put All the pieces Again Collectively
As soon as you have topped off your differential with new fluid, it is time to put every part again collectively. Reverse steps 1 – 6 to reinstall the differential and fix the rear suspension module to the chassis, then hit the road or strip together with your new setup.

That concludes our Drag Slash Tuning Information. We hope your new insights will aid you go sooner and have extra enjoyable, whether or not you’re out to win races on the strip or simply blasting across the neighborhood. Inform (and present!) us what sort of Drag Slash motion you’re into by tagging Traxxas on Fb, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We’ll be expecting you!
In the event you missed any steps alongside the best way, you should definitely try Half 1 here, or Half 2 here.

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