Kali Crawlerwerx “The Box” RC Stand

Kali Crawlerwerx “The Box” RC Stand

Kali Crawlerwerx “The Field” RC Stand

Kali Crawlerwerx is launching its model with a choice of show and work stands for R/C crawlers. If you happen to’re in search of versatility, The Field could be the right show base for you.

Handcrafted from wooden, The Field provides a country, pure solution to show and work in your crawler while you’re not out on the path. Two end kinds can be found to select from (RUSTic Stain and Clear Poly), so you possibly can select the suitable search for your rig.

If you wish to take issues to the subsequent degree, Kali Crawlerwerx additionally provides add-ons for The Field. Every of these things provides to the utility of this piece, increasing it from a easy R/C crawler stand to a components tray, storage compartment, and gear holder.

Kali Crawlerwerx Equipment for The Field:

Priced at $20.99, The Field and its lineup of equipment can be found for buy at kalicw.com.

Click Here for extra Kali Crawlerwerx information on BigSquidRC.

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