New Nathobuilds Carbon Fiber Wire Clips

New Nathobuilds Carbon Fiber Wire Clips

Press Launch From Nathobuilds:

NathoBuilds Carbon Fiber Wire Clips are an ideal option to maintain your wiring organized and looking out trick.!  It clips over each 12awg and 13awg wires to maintain them neat and tidy. When you like your vehicles trying dialed and the wiring trying neat the NathoBuilds wire clips has obtained you coated! 


  • Matches most 12 awg and 13 awg wires.  
  • Nice for off-road & on-road
  • Helps you from unintentionally reversing your ESC motor or battery wires.
  • Appears nice
  • Contains NBR Snap Lock Case
  • Every package deal contains 2 Wire Clips 

Designed and Manufactured in Australia by NathoBuilds.

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