Electronics Relocation Tips from Element RC [Video]

Electronics Relocation Tips from Element RC [Video]

Electronics Relocation Ideas from Ingredient RC [Video]

Most ready-to-run (RTR) R/C automobiles have been designed with optimum electronics placement in thoughts. Nevertheless, there are occasions when it is advisable make some changes, particularly while you’re swapping out our bodies or including customized parts to your machine.

Ingredient RC has highlighted a straightforward approach to transfer across the receiver and ESC on their RTR line of Enduro fashions. Utilizing the included, longer battery tray, you could have a fantastic choice to relocate your ESC whereas additionally transferring your radio receiver to the entrance of the chassis. For a whole look into how that is performed, check out their latest Trail Tip Tuesday video.

For extra suggestions like this, take a look at the Element RC YouTube channel.

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