Reedy Pro Glow Igniter

Reedy Pro Glow Igniter

From Reedy:
Reedy’s Professional Glow Igniter is now out there! The user-friendly twist-lock design is light-weight, sturdy, and race-proven with a high-quality 3000mAh NiMH cell that gives dependable beginning energy time after time.

Go to for a whole listing of Reedy motors, batteries, digital pace controls, servos, and equipment.


  • 3000mAh NiMH cell
  • Sturdy light-weight design
  • Twist-lock connector
  • Protecting storage cap


Battery Kind: NiMH Sub-C 1.2V (qty 1)
Battery Capability: 3000mAh
Working Temperature: 0-50deg. C/32-122deg. F
Size (mm): 120
Weight (g): 79.38

#27377 – $38.99 MSRP

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Reedy Pro Glow Igniter

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